Under the proposed bylaw, if I was required to plant three replacement trees on my property but don’t have space, is there an alternative?

    If replacement trees cannot be planted on site, a cash in lieu contribution can be made in the amount of $500 per tree and the municipality will purchase and plant the replacement trees on public land.

    What if a tree is causing damage to my property?

    Damage to a driveway (or services) is a condition under which a tree permit for removal may be issued. The application will need to be supported by an assessment by an arborist that the tree is causing the damage. Replacement trees may be required.

    Under the proposed bylaw, can I remove an ailing native species of tree from my property?

    As most native species are protected, tree removal will require a permit, and an assessment by an arborist will need to support the application for removal. Replacement trees may be required, depending on the number of trees remaining on the property.