What changes will I see in my neighbourhood?

    This depends on what we hear from the community, including stakeholders – such as business owners. Over time, you may see more people walking and biking, you may notice an improvement in driving through the village, the new buildings will complement the Village’s charm, and you may notice more trees and public space enhancements.

    What is the purpose of the plan?

    A design plan for Saanichton will help guide future developments and investments in the area to support a well-planned neighbourhood envisioned by the community. It will include guidelines and policy that help shape the design of buildings, public spaces, and transportation routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

    Is there a timeline for improvements to the village?

    Improvements in Saanichton Village will not happen all at once; it will be over the long term as new buildings are constructed in the community and as municipal improvements are made.

    What will implementing the plan cost?

    The implementation will not happen all at once. The vision will be realized incrementally and over the long term, as new buildings are constructed on private property and as municipal improvements are undertaken – which could be funded in a variety of ways, such as regular capital budgeting, through grant opportunities, or as specially-funded projects.

    What public engagement opportunities are there?

    There are three phases of engagement:

    1 - Initial input, September 2019

              Ideas Fair

                  Saturday, September 14, 11 am -3 pm

                  Municipal Hall, 1903 Mount Newton Cross Rd

              Pop ups around Saanichton Village

                  September 21-25



                  September 21 to early October

    2 - Feedback on Early Directions, December 2019-January 2020


              Community Gallery Event


    3 – Feedback on Draft Design Plan, March 2020

              Open house and online presentation

    Will there be final drafts and renderings available for public comment?

    Yes, there will be an opportunity to review both Early Directions of the plan and a complete draft. Please, follow the LetsTalkCentralSaanich.ca/Saanichton page, and subscribe to review updates.