How do I report an abandonded boat?

    If you know of a vessel in the capital region that appears abandoned or wrecked that is onshore, afloat or sunk, please see: 

    Helpful information includes:

    • Exact location
    • Vessel name and description
    • License number or other identifier
    • How long it’s been in that location
    • Photos

    If it's after hours or the vessel is an immediate threat. please call Transport Canada's 24-hr line at 1-800-889-8852.

    What was the community consultation process and results of consultation?

    The District of Central Saanich commenced a community consultation in 2018 and engaged multiple stakeholders, including on liveaboards.

    The working group included over 30 participants and at least 11 participants are believed to be liveaboards (six specifically signed in stating they were liveaboards). 

    The discussion of the Management Plan commenced at the meeting of September 27 2017 and liveaboards were invited and have attended every subsequent meeting. Two representatives of the BC Nautical Residents Association also attended. All meetings of the working group were open to the public and participation was open to drop-ins (this was designed to remove any barriers to participation).

    An open house was held in Brentwood Bay on August 22, 2017 with approximately 50 people in attendance.

    A survey was conducted with approximately 300 responses.

    District Council, as well as district staff, have been and remain accessible to all stakeholders on this issue. Council meetings are open to the public and videos of the meetings are posted online. 

    Regular updates were posted to the engagement website (PlaceSpeakī¢˛) dedicated to hearing from the community on Brentwood Bay; it was viewed close to 3,000 times.

    All members of the community are encouraged to participate in the on going conversation. 

    Survey findings (highlights):

    One of the strongest messages heard from the Tsartlip First Nations community was the desire to use the harbour as a food source. The Bay is currently closed to harvesting due to contamination.

    Sewage discharge and garbage from vessels moored and operating within the area was recognized as the most significant concern for the community. 90% of respondents support the Saanich Inlet being a 'no sewage dump zone' and 89% support strict enforcement of the required holding tank law. 

    Abandoned and sunken vessels were the next highest concern, followed by the accumulation of too many vessels and navigating the crowded waters safely. 

    There is support for regulating the number of buoys in Brentwood Bay, with 78% agreement, 18% neutral and 4% is disagreement. 37% of respondents believe that acceptable, affordable moorage currently exists in Brentwood Bay, 14% disagree and 49% neutral on the question. 80% of respondents support dedicated moorage being available for visiting boaters in Brentwood Bay. It is known that moorage is not always available. 

    There is a high concern about unlicensed and possibly uninsured vessels (84%).

    Navigational channels are a concern for 69% of the survey respondents.