What is infill and densification?

    Infill refers to developing within existing neighbourhoods, including small lots, carriage houses and duplexes.

    Densification refers to the redevelopment of existing sites with higher density, such as townhouses, apartments or mixed-use buildings.

    Why do we need another infill study?

    Housing supply and affordability has increasingly become more challenging; therefore, a comprehensive review of housing policy and guidelines for residential infill and densification is needed. This work will also inform housing policy for the upcoming Official Community Plan review.

    What types of housing will the study look at?

    The study will look at:

      • densification of village centres,
      • small lot infill,
      • duplexes,
      • panhandle lot subdivisions,
      • carriage houses,
      • tiny houses,
      • multi-use four-stories,
      • and a review of existing zoning regulations to remove any barriers to housing.