What We Heard! Summary of Phase 1 of Community Consultation

20 September, 2018

Over 200 people took the project's first survey and 120 people attended the two open houses hosted by the District. The report is available Here.

Below is an at-a-glance summary of the reoccurring themes from group discussions and one-on-one conversations staff had with attendees at the Open Houses.

Key themes of support related to the project process and residential infill and densification:

  • General support for infill housing in areas that can support increased density (i.e. arterial roads, village centres);
  • Significant interest in carriage houses and small lot infill, particularly for young families and seniors;
  • Increasing housing options through secondary suites; • Enthusiasm surrounding the anticipated OCP review;
  • Interest in developing a policy framework to guide the development of infill housing;
  • Increased housing supply will improve housing affordability;
  • Concentrating new housing in areas with existing development will help to protect farmland and the Agricultural Land Reserve.
Key themes of concern related to the project process and residential infill and densification:
  • Potential loss of mature landscaping and green space;
  • Parking requirements for additional units and traffic associated with increased density;
  • Recent development and scale identified as a source of concern;
  • Potential loss of neighbourhood character, privacy, and views;
  • Additional infrastructure required before new units can be constructed; and
  • Neighbourhood walkability is a priority; improvements to pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure are needed.
Questions from participants related to the project process and residential infill and densification:
  • How is the 1% growth rate used to control development?
  • Why is the District completing a Residential Infill and Densification Study?
  • What kind of infill housing can I build on my property?
  • What is the project timeline?
  • How are developments approved and what is the role of Council?
  • How will infill housing be regulated?
  • What is the strategy for densification on larger lots, such as lands zoned Rural Estate Acreage?
  • Who will live in infill housing?
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